Construction projects are complex and dynamic and this naturally creates confusion for even the most experienced project managers and contractors.   Construction management teams can cost-effectively help with the time-consuming, but necessary, burdensome tasks that often keep you from performing what you do best and what you enjoy doing. They are able to ensure your construction is being managed properly throughout all project stages – Inception, implementation, and completion. Think of them as your partners and advocates in the building process.

When it comes to private commerce, you have a multitude of variables to deal with – investors, deadlines, historical codes, environmental regulations and specialized labor. It is the duty of the construction management team to make sure there are no penalties, delays or violations – and that’s just before the building process even starts.

Planning. A construction management company is uniquely equipped to determine when and how the construction stages will be performed based on the proposed project because they are able to maximize the resource efficiency – and not just labor, materials and equipment too, such as, coordination of planning and design services, specifying project objectives and plans, scope of work, budgeting, evaluation and implementation scheduling, setting performance requirements, selecting project participants, preparing and reviewing cost estimates, preparation of bid packages, invoice review and payment recommendations, bank inspections, permit coordination (local, county, DHEC/federal), and contract negotiations.

Overseeing. Construction management teams are able to be on the job site for you 24/7, ensuring that every phase of the construction process is getting done right and on time. Comprehensive management of every single stage of the project becomes the greatest benefit to owners and investors.

Communication. A construction management team opens all lines of communication between the client and the construction company/general contractors/tradesman to ensure EVERYONE is involved in each step of the process. Experienced and effective communication strategies are able to resolve conflicts before they arise.

Risk Management. Construction management teams are consistently checking site conditions, worker safety, and public/environmental regulation concerns. Construction management companies that manage risks effectively save on overhead, have greater productivity and have a higher success rate of completion.

Have you worked with a construction management company? We would love to hear your feedback on how they helped you achieve your highest level of success.