Residents of Hilton Head Island and surrounding areas felt the effects of Hurricane Matthew back in October 2016. With increasingly severe storms hitting the US each year, power loss is affecting more homes and business than ever before.

Are you considering buying a generator for your home or business?

In an emergency, a portable generator is your best option. All you need to do is wheel it out, gas it up and pull the starter chord – you now have your own mini electrical power plant! A portable generator delivers emergency power at a reasonable cost.

Generators can be tailored to ANY electrical application and allow you to maintain a comfort level at your home and business. You can continue to run your home and business operations when utility lines fail, and will ultimately save you hassle, time and money. Maintaining your business during an outage could not only keep your existing client base happy, but it can also bring you new clients/customers. Generators automatically disconnect your home or building from the utility lines when power fails and this protects your electronic devices from violent power surges, spikes and blowouts.

Over 850,000 residents and businesses here in Hilton Head and its surrounding areas were without power for several days. Rising flood waters were hampering efforts to get electricity flowing. CMS was contacted by the Callawassie Island Community to act as the Construction Manager to oversee the installation of a generator to power 100% of their main clubhouse. A main source of revenue for private clubs is hosting events/weddings and dealing with a power outage could severely damage their reputation. Generators minimize your business downtime ensuring you save on time, money and improve safety. It is also a great marketing tool during hurricane season to assure potential clients they have one less thing to worry about for their big day as no matter what the weather may bring, they will have the wedding of their dreams.  (This would definitely give you the edge over your competitors.)

CMS oversaw the project which required many moving parts, with many different subcontractors. They researched the type, size and regulations for the generator installation. After the hurricane, Callawassie very much appreciated their investment in the generator as the island was without power for a week.

“Installing a generator is a “win-win” for Callawassie Island.  First, it supports the bottom line.  Special events are a critical component to the island’s revenue stream. A generator provides complete “peace-of-mind” to any customer by assuring if power is lost for any length of time, their event will be unaffected.  Secondly, “Acts of God” are out of everyone’s control – Case in point, Hurricane Matthew.  While it wreaked devastation throughout the Low Country, including Callawassie Island, our generator continued running uninterrupted.  While the island was literally in darkness without conventional electricity for days, residents had a way to stay in communication with the outside world by recharging their laptops, tablets and iPhones, through power at the clubhouse.” – Richard Porter -Callawassie Island Resident

Generators keep you and your family/business protected. They ensure that you keep adequate food supply and water during extended power outages. They afford you piece of mind by ensuring that your loved ones and things that are important to you are well protected during emergencies. If you would like to learn more about our installation services here at CMS, give us a call!